Archgate Montessori

Choosing a School


The most important advice we can give is to choose a public or private school that reflects the values of your family. Your school choice for your child's most formative years is not only a significant decision, but one that will have lasting influences far beyond the years spent at the school.

Choosing the proper school for your child is an intensely personal decision whether your priority is to have your child "get ahead" or to simply become a smart, confident, and responsible individual. We encourage you to select a school by seeking the best match between your child's needs, parental expectations, and the schools' philosophy, program, and services.

Evaluating Potential Schools

Visit the school. Meet with the administrators, talk to the staff, observe the children, and observe the classroom environment. Get an understanding of the admission process and the schools goals, philosophy, program and practices, expectations for children, and expectations for parental involvement in a child's education. Above all, observe, ask questions, and get the answers you need to make the correct decision for your family.